[Ref.] The Sound of Color

Perhaps more striking yet is the theorized relationship of light wavelength to auditory stimuli as per the results of this experiment. If one looks at Figure 7 one can view a graphic that approximates the potential inverse relationship between light wavelength frequency and sound wavelength frequency, as directly construed by these experimental results and analyses.

Datteri, D.L. and Jeffrey, N. H. (2004) “The Sound of Color,” Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition, Evanston, Illinois



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  1. Hello.

    The .pdf document “Sound of color” by Datteri and Howard is from the page 776 to 771. At the page 769 it also speaks about Figure 9 and Figure 10 wich are very important, but the .pdf document doesn’t include them. I am very interested about this and i would really like to see the missing figures. Can you please help me? Can you post them or maybe send them? I want to make an art project inspired by this experiment and i really need those figures.

    Thank you,

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