[Ref.] Pedagogical Effectiveness of Music Drawing

The children were asked to listen intently to a piece of music, then they participated actively in an analysis of its structure and content. After that the children began to draw.  (Rephrased)

All the experiments have proven to have great pedagogical effectiveness:

  1. Music drawing is a creative act that requires independent thinking and action and helps to create conditions for maximum concentration, to activate attention and interest, and to solve discipline problems in the classroom.
  2. A comparative analysis of the results of question sessions, which were held after the experiments were performed and aimed to investigate the pupils’ understanding of music content, revealed an essential rise in interest and understanding by students in the experimental groups as compared with the controls (especially in the experiment that involved showing the light-music film).
  3. Long-term experiments provided a means of obtaining proof of a more thorough and sound knowledge of music in the experimental classes when follow-up studies were done 5 years later.
  4. Children’s drawings reflecting the form and content of musical works serve as visual documents that allow one to judge the depth of the music perception as well as the personal psychological peculiarities of the schoolchildren themselves. This provided feedback that was not available by any other means (such as testing, conversation or questioning) – in every class and for every pupil.

Vanechkina, I. (1994). “”Musical Graphics” as an Instrument for Musicologists and Educators” Leonardo, 27 (5), pp. 437-439


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